Instructor Program



With the right credentials certified graduates are eligible for hire at state licensed vocational, proprietary, and technical schools that hire for various cosmetology instructor jobs. Certified cosmetology instructors choose to work in a setting like vocational and technical colleges, community colleges, and private education Institutions where they work directly with students enrolled in the programs as well as clients who come in for beauty services. They develop lesson plans, give lectures, demonstrate cosmetology techniques and supervise student’s lab. Cosmetology Instructors can also advance to become directors of cosmetology programs.



The cosmetology instructor salary varies by location, but cosmetology instructor earns an average annual income of $50,100.00 in the United States. The rate of employment rates for cosmetology instructors is expected to grow at a rate equal to that of the national average over the next several years. Teacher Instructor Program will earn around $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 per year ($15 to $25 an hour).


Instructor training program may be required in:

  • Instructor Concept

  • Instructor Practicum

  • Laboratory and Clinical Supervision

  • Classroom Management

  • Testing and Assessment

  • Teaching Methods

  • Lesson Planning

Skills from Instructor training programs are:

  • Grading

  • Student counseling

  • Classroom management and planning

  • Communication

  • Record-keeping

  • Student supervision

  • Safety practices