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The cosmetology program of study consists of 1,500 clock hours covering all aspects of cosmetology (hair care, skin care, makeup and nails).  The curriculum is mandated by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.  The course is designed to prepare the student to pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology licensure exam, and help the student obtain the knowledge and skills needed for an entry level position in the cosmetology profession.  Passing the exam is a prerequisite to obtaining a cosmetology license.  The license is a requirement to operate as a cosmetologist in the state of Georgia.


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Students will receive the following:

  • City Lights XLRG Deluxe Tote w/Telescopic Handle

  • Celebrity Sam II Brown Manikin W/H-222 Holder

  • Celebrity Debra Manikin 17-19"

  • Soft N Style Butterfly Clamp 3" 12/Card Wide

  • Soft N Style Duck Bill Clips 12/Box

  • Soft N Style Dual Purpose Curl Clips 80/Bx

  • SNS Single Pr0lll! Pin Curl Clips 80/Bx

  • Soft N Style Roller Pack Smooth /\s Sties 12 DZ

  • SNS E Z Flow Cold Wave Rods - Long Lilac

  • SNS E Z Flow Cold Wave Rods - Long White

  • SNS E-Z Flow Cold Wave Rods - Long Grey

  • SNS E z Flow Cold Wave Rods - Lona Pink

  • Scalpmaster Vent Brush 7 Row Black

  • Scalpmaster Flow-Thru CU Shion Brush BalltlP 7RO

  • Scalp Bamboo 2" Round Boar/Nvlon Bristle Brush

  • Scalpmaster Round Neck Brush S Row Black

  • Scalpmaster Tease Brush Nvlon Bristle 3 Row

  • Scalpm Bamboo 2.75" Round Boar/Nylon Bristle Brush

  • 5alonchlc 81/4" Cuttina Hard Rubber Comb


Kits are provided to every student and are subject to change.


Our curriculum is designed to inspire students to think “beyond the chair” and to pursue opportunities in salon management, runway, print advertising, television, stage, film, marketing, sales and product development.  Learn the industry from some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and graduate with the knowledge to not only pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology licensure exam, but with the skills to be part of today’s thriving hair and beauty industry.

Students move from classroom instruction the clinic salon (hands-on) instruction, where practical knowledge is applied to a large client base. 

Students graduate from this program with a cap and gown and receive a diploma and/or any certifications earned during the course of the program.

Our cosmetology program covers all technical and practical subject matter material as prescribed by the criteria set forth by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.  Our curriculum includes areas such as haircoloring, permanent waving, chemical straightening, haircutting, thermal and wet hairstyling, facials, makeup, waxing manicuring, Pedicuring nail enhancement and salon management.  At completion, students will receive a diploma and will be certified to take the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology licensure examination.  Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a license to practice cosmetology.  The Hogan Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics believes in the importance of hand-on training.  We know you will make mistakes – we expect you to make mistakes.  That is how people learn – from correcting their mistakes.

When a student encounters any difficulty or is not sure what to do, our talented instructors are there to step in and assist.  It’s at that point that the maximum education takes place.

We know our system works.  Our State Board classes have set the standard in the industry.  We want all our graduates to pass their state licensure exam the first time.  If you don’t pass the first time, you can attend additional state board prep classes at no additional charge.  We’ll discuss with you how to solve whatever problem you had the first time.

The curriculum goes far beyond the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology requirements.  Learn advanced techniques and use your creativity.

Expected Grow Rate for Cosmetology

Employment opportunities for cosmetologists are predicted to grow by 19% between 2020-2030 according to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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