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With the right credentials certified graduates are eligible for hire at state licensed vocational, proprietary, and technical schools that hire for various cosmetology instructor jobs. Certified cosmetology instructors choose to work in a setting like vocational and technical colleges, community colleges, and private education Institutions where they work directly with students enrolled in the programs as well as clients who come in for beauty services. They develop lesson plans, give lectures, demonstrate cosmetology techniques and supervise student’s lab. Cosmetology Instructors can also advance to become directors of cosmetology programs.


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No matter what your career or lifelong goals are, it is natural that we all look for new opportunities and avenues that will enrich our lives. For cosmetologists who have spent time working at salons or spas, it is common to want to explore new professional experiences. One of the most instinctive choices a cosmetologist can make is to enroll in an instructor training program. After spending some time honing your skills and mastering your craft, it is inherent to want to share those abilities with others. Moving into education is one of the most practical and natural decisions you can make. 


At Hogan Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics, the instructors and staff find their transition into education rewarding and fulfilling with its own benefits and joyful moments. Cosmetology colleges and beauty schools are the ideal places to launch the next phase of your career. Institutions like Hogan Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics offer a quality teaching and instruction program that gives professionals the skills they need to be successful in a classroom setting.


Few stylists explore the benefits of becoming a cosmetology teacher. Nevertheless, the education sector can be a rewarding place to further your cosmetology career. Beyond the potential for an increase in salary, cosmetology instructors benefit from great opportunities for professional growth, personal fulfillment, and creative freedom. Read on to learn if cosmetology education is right for you.

Opportunities for Professional Growth

Though many stylists open and run their own salons, it can be difficult for traditional cosmetologists to break into academic administration. Cosmetology teachers, however, often move on to become beauty school managers and administrators, not to mention state board examiners. Teachers gifted with the art of persuasion and an entrepreneurial spirit may also land jobs as product representatives and educational consultants, providing them with a wide variety of career opportunities.

Personal Fulfillment

While most cosmetologists would agree that it is rewarding to help clients look and feel their best, it can be even more fulfilling to prepare aspiring hair and makeup artists for their dream careers. After all, cosmetology teachers do not squander their talent to make others feel beautiful – they increase it tenfold by equipping their students with the same power. In fact, cosmetology instructors have the ability to improve the beauty industry at large. With every class they teach, instructors have a platform to impart wisdom, inspire vision, minimize bad habits, and train students to perfect the details that many stylists overlook.

Creative Freedom

Lesson planning offers cosmetology instructors a creative outlet that the average salon simply might not. After all, salons typically perform the same rotation of services week after week. Yet, what seasoned cosmetologists tend to forget is that most of them are artists at heart. Sometimes, it is refreshing to break out of the cut-and-color rut and craft an avant-garde updo, or a dramatic makeup look fit for the runway. Fortunately, in cosmetology school, these types of projects are encouraged. And though teachers may spend more time instructing than designing such looks themselves, it can be satisfying to work in a creative environment that nourishes the inner artist in every student.

Expected Grow Rate for Cosmetology

Employment opportunities for cosmetologists are predicted to grow by 19% between 2020-2030 according to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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