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If you are interested in opening your own salon and spa or you dream of working in the most exclusive and famous establishments in the country, The Hogan Institute of Cosmetology & Esthetics has the foundation you need to make all of your dreams come true.


Hogan Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics offers three exceptional hybrid programs to suit the diverse needs of aspiring beauty professionals:

• Cosmetology

• Esthetics Program

• Instructor Program

All of our programs are designed with our students in mind, offering flexible scheduling options and a supportive learning environment. Choose Hogan Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics to take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the beauty industry.

Cosmetology Program

In our cosmetology program, students will learn hairdressing, coloring, hair cutting, permanent waving, thermal hair straightening and weaving techniques


Esthetics Program

Esthetics students will learn skin care treatments, facials, anatomy, microdermabrasions, chemical peels and different body wraps. They will learn the practical with mechanical training and theory.


With the right credentials certified graduates are eligible for hire at state licensed vocational, proprietary, and technical schools that hire for various cosmetology instructor jobs.


January Schedule

June Schedule

Classes Begin/Orientation

January 9th, 2024

Classes Begin/Orientation

June 18th, 2024

February Schedule

July Schedule

Classes Begin/Orientation

February 6th, 2024

Classes Begin/Orientation

July 16th, 2024

March Schedule

Classes Begin/Orientation

March 5th, 2024

August Schedule

Classes Begin/Orientation

August 13th, 2024

April Schedule

September Schedule

Classes Begin/Orientation

April 9th, 2024

Classes Begin/Orientation

September 10th, 2024

May Schedule

October Schedule

Classes Begin/Orientation

May 7th, 2024

Classes Begin/Orientation

October 8th, 2024

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